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Sermons on the Sermon on the Mount

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Matt. 5:1-2 “Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount” (11,671Kb) 02/22/15
Matt. 5:3 “Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit” (12,307Kb) 03/01/15
Matt. 5:4 “Blessed Are Those Who Mourn” (10,620Kb) 03/08/15
Matt. 5:5 “Blessed Are the Meek” (12,543Kb) 03/15/15
Matt. 5:6 “Blessed Are Those Who Hunger” (11,384Kb) 03/22/15
Matt. 5:7 “Blessed Are the Merciful” (8,870Kb) 03/29/15
Matt. 5:8 “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart” (12,057Kb) 04/12/15
Matt. 5:9 “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” (12,277Kb) 04/19/15
Matt. 5:10 “Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake” (11,544Kb) 04/26/15
Matt. 5:11-12 “Persecuted for Christ’s Sake” (13,626Kb) 05/03/15
Matt. 5:13 “The Salt of the Earth” (12,673Kb) 05/10/15
Matt. 5:14-16 “Let Your Light Shine” (12,045Kb) 05/17/15
Matt. 5:17-19 “Not to Destroy But to Fulfill” (11,603Kb) 05/24/15
Matt. 5:20 “Righteousness Greater Than That of the Pharisees” (12,036Kb) 05/31/15
Matt. 5:21-26 “Murder Begins in the Heart” (13,721Kb) 06/07/15
Matt.5:27-30 “Adultery Begins in the Heart” (10,712Kb) 06/21/15
Matt. 19:3-6 “God’s Design for Marriage” (13,716Kb) 06/28/15
Matt. 5:31-32 “Divorce and Remarriage” (16,125Kb) 07/05/15
Matt. 5:33-37 “Oaths and Vows” (13,854Kb) 07/12/15
Matt. 5:38-42 “Public Justice Not Personal Vengeance” (12,412Kb) 07/19/15
Matt. 5:43-48 “Love Your Enemies” (14,051Kb) 07/26/15
Matt. 6:1-4 “Doing Good to Please God” (11,430Kb) 08/02/15
Matt. 6:5-8 “How to Pray” (14,725Kb) 08/09/15
Matt. 6:9a “The Lord’s Prayer: Preface” (12,683Kb) 08/16/15
Matt. 6:9b “The Lord’s Prayer: The First Petition” (14,498Kb) 08/23/15
Matt. 6:10a “The Lord’s Prayer: The Second Petition, Part 1” (11,089Kb) 08/30/15
Matt. 6:10a2 “The Lord’s Prayer: The Second Petition, Part 2” (11,905Kb) 09/06/15
Matt. 6:10b “The Lord’s Prayer: The Third Petition” (13,022Kb) 09/13/15
Matt. 6:11 “The Lord’s Prayer: The Fourth Petition” (13,288Kb) 09/20/15
Matt. 6:12 “The Lord’s Prayer: The Fifth Petition” (15,103Kb) 09/27/15
Matt. 6:13a “The Lord’s Prayer: The Sixth Petition” (17,629Kb) 10/04/15
Matt. 6:13b “The Lord’s Prayer: The Conclusion” (14,367Kb) 10/11/15
Matt. 6:14-15 “Forgive” (12,149Kb) 10/18/15
Matt. 6:16-18 “Fasting” (11,521Kb) 10/25/15
Matt. 6:19-24 “Treasures in Heaven” (13,013Kb) 11/01/15
Matt. 6:25-34 “The Answer to Anxiety” (14,330Kb) 11/08/15
Matt. 7:1-6 “Judge Not” (12,579Kb) 11/15/15
Matt. 7:7-11 “Ask, Seek, and Knock” (12,050Kb) 11/22/15
Matt. 7:12 “The Golden Rule” (10,338Kb) 11/29/15
Matt. 7:13-14 “The Narrow Way” (11,118Kb) 12/06/15
Matt. 7:15-20 “A Tree and Its Fruit” (13,493Kb) 12/13/15
Matt. 7:21-23 “I Never Knew You” (14,123Kb) 12/27/15
Matt. 7:24-27 “Build Your House on the Rock” (13,124Kb) 01/03/16
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